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This extraordinary Indian & Burmese Agarwood Oil is a pinnacle in Agarwood fragrances, delivering an unparalleled olfactory journey. Meticulously curated, it harmoniously blends Indian and Burmese Agarwood, creating an aromatic symphony of excellence. Its uniqueness lies in sophisticated notes, distinguishing it as one of the most refined fragrances. With a rich, woody base, the scent unfolds into an earthy warmth with nuances of spice and resinous undertones, offering layers of complexity. The interplay between Indian and Burmese Agarwood achieves a perfect balance of tradition and modern sophistication. Evoking a sense of mystique and opulence, this oil is a testament to fragrance artistry. Carefully selected raw materials and expert blending result in an immersive journey, and its enduring essence leaves a lasting mark. In essence, this Indian & Burmese Agarwood Oil is a connoisseur's dream, an invitation to savor the rare and exquisite world of Agarwood in its most refined form.


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    • 3 ml
    • 0.180 Kgs
    • H 11.5 X L 7X W 4.5
    • This unique Indian & Burmese Agarwood Oil is a marvel in the world of Agarwood Oil. One Of the most sophisticated notes one might have ever come across.