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Introducing our exclusive fragrance, a true embodiment of opulence – Majestic Oudh Reserve. Immerse yourself in the regal allure of this exceptionally robust oudh, characterized by its highly aged and rare essence. A masterpiece born from the heart of the wild Sri Lankan forests, this scent is a testament to the uniqueness and rarity of nature's bounty.Majestic Oudh Reserve is a dark and intense olfactory journey, leaving an indelible mark with its powerful and enduring aroma. The carefully aged oudh notes unfold a richness that is both captivating and sophisticated. With each application, experience the lingering embrace of this majestic fragrance, a true reflection of the untamed beauty found in the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness. Elevate your senses with the extraordinary and make an unforgettable statement with Majestic Oudh Reserve.


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3 Milliliters