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A captivating fusion of oud and invigorating blue notes harmoniously intertwines to craft a singular olfactory experience. The rich and complex depth of oud, known for its warm and woody character, intertwines seamlessly with the refreshing and invigorating tones of the blue notes. This unique blend creates an aromatic journey that is both sophisticated and intriguing. The earthy, resinous quality of oud is complemented by the crisp and vibrant essence of the blue notes, resulting in a fragrance that is simultaneously deep and uplifting. Immerse yourself in the allure of this exquisite combination, where tradition meets modernity, and the olfactory senses are taken on a captivating and memorable adventure.

Blue Oud

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    • 12ml
    • 0.078 kg
    • H 9 X L 5.5 X W 5.5
    • A captivating blend of oud and blue notes that creates a unique olfactory experience.
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